Kaleida Interactive Agency

Kaleida is a leading, innovative and creative design firm with over 15 years of experience providing strategy, design and technology solutions that build intelligent, stand-out communications for the global marketplace. Our services help organizations engage and grow in digital environments.

We offer a wide-range of multi-faceted solutions, with extensive experience in the following areas:

  • Web design, information architecture, usability and technology solutions (more)
  • WordPress as a CMS (more)
  • Digital publishing for tablets (iPad), iOS Development (more)
  • Brand development/strategy and print design (more)
  • Rich media, video and broadcast design (more)

Our passionate and visionary team of design, technology and communication experts, are skilled in creating user experiences and enhancing brand value.

We maximize relationship value by understanding that relationships, both internal and external, are our greatest assets.

Dedication. Professionalism. Honesty.

We are proud to have proven our capabilities for clients in North America, South America and Europe. By approaching each new project with a fresh spirit, Kaleida ensures only the best work possible.



We always strive to provide excellent customer service for our clients. It is our goal to help you further your business by helping you improve the online experience. We have added a new client testimonial section.



There are many phases in Kaleida’s web site design and development process. From gathering initial information, to web site development, launch and finally to maintenance and promotion…

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