Grupo Costanera iPad Reports

Kaleida developed the Grupo Costanera’s interactive annual reports for the iPad. The company now offers all its annual reports as apps in the Apple AppStore. The apps were developed both in Spanish and English; adding interactive elements like videos, animated maps and graphics, photo galleries, etc.

Our solution is integral, from initial creative ideas to final publication in the AppStore.

Tablets are becoming big business in sectors like aviation, banking, construction, healthcare, manufacturing and retail; just in the US 75 % business professionals already own a tablet. Everyday more and more companies are migrating their contents and material to digital devices like tables and smartphones.

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Client: Grupo Costanera S.p.A.
Project: Annual Reports for iPad
Services Provided: Information Architecture, UI Design, Content Adaptation, iOS Development, DPS Consulting, AppStore Publishing
Year: 2012-2013-2014
Country: Chile



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